I started writing about the green and hairy witch, commonly known as ‘Brenda’ last year, but then left it for a while with a view to developing it this year.The underlying theme of the story is about a witch that on the surface looks very mean and scary, and lots of people around her make judgements on her based on what she looks like.

The book is aimed at children aged from 5 – 8 (for them to read themselves) but would appeal to a younger audience as well, if it was being read to them. The story is written in rhyme, and contains a lot of humour to hopefully engage children’s imagination and interest. It is a 24 page picture book ,full of colour and pattern, with lots of characters and interesting ‘things’ for the children to find on each page.  I hope that by the time children reach the end of the book they will understand that it is not always good to ‘judge a book by its cover’ and that we should look beyond peoples exterior appearances when we make a judgment about someone! This, i hope will play a part in helping children to be more accepting of each others differences!