‘The Yummy Creamy Cheese’ is a book that is a ‘play on words’ that enables children to develop their vocabulary through listening to and speaking tongue twisting sentences whilst looking at images that were created by making 2d cut outs, which were then placed into 3d sets that i built and then photographing them. The interesting thing about the cut outs was that when they were lit for the photographs they created wonderful shadows, and the shadows then became as much of a feature of the book as the images.

The underlying theme of the book is that the animals all have choices about what they are going to do, whether they are going to follow the crowd and do what everyone else does, whether they are going to take something that’s not theirs, and how they choose to react when things go wrong etc. The aim with this book is for a discussion to arise between parent and child, or child and Teacher, about how children deal with their anger, and healthy options that may be available to them.

By lighting the images and photographing them it has allowed for more of a 3d effect, the aim being that  the child  really feels that they are ‘looking in’ on the creatures worlds, as if looking through a window.