In the summer of 2011 i started to run workshops for children for Communities First in North Wales that were entitled ‘Illustration, Character and Story Making’. The aim of the workshops was to encourage children aged 5 – 11yrs to be creative, adventurous and to use their imaginations through the medium of illustration and making stories.

The sessions covered different techniques and subject areas each week, with the children making something to take home each week to show their parents or guardians. One one of the weeks the children made ‘Guess how i feel today’ charts which the children could practice changing the size, shape and positions of the features to make the image express a different emotion, and they could also use the chart to communicate their own feelings to their care givers, non verbally.

Useful communication and drawing aid that the children made at the workshops.

As the weeks progressed the activities seemed to get messier and messier, but the children had more and more fun taking part. We did quite a lot of papier mache, which was very popular, and the children made and took home monsters or characters that they had made and decorated.

On the final session the topic was ‘Pirates’, and this proved to be very popular, with the children making stand up pirates, whilst wearing pirate hats and playing pirate games – great fun was had by all!!

Stand up Pirates!

A group of pirates

Ship building!!

Game playing!

At last!!.. the treasure!!!


Through the course of the 6 weeks workshops the children’s confidence and also their use of their imagination became more and more evident.Their drawing skills and their ability to use their creative potential became more and more apparent as they were recognised for the achievements they had made.The  feedback was great, and the children were asking for more sessions when it all cam to an end!!