mr trouble

It is very true that we all have a book inside of us that is dying to get out, and to be seen in print – whether that is for the benefit of our children, family and friends or for a wider audience, we all have a story to tell.These workshops are fun, interactive, and informal – whilst at the same time  putting across some of the basic principles of character and story making.

The following pictures were taken at ‘Ruthin Crafts Centre’ where they were hosting a days session celebrating the ‘Gwanwyn Festival’ – creativity in later life!

Playing fun games that allow basic story composition

Choosing story formats

'Mr Trouble' - A character that was created from past games of 'consquences'

The workshops are very bespoke depending on the requirements and abilities of those that attend, it is important that all those that attend feel they achieve great things from being there, and play as active role as each other. Some of the initial activities are very simple, such as creating characters out of different shapes –

Creating characters from basic shapes.

Each participant is encouraged to develop their skills in whatever area that may be. Some people preferring to write their stories first….

Busy writing stories...

After the characters were designed they were taken into different types of dry media, some people used cut out, some created small sample books,but all had a great time and were really pleased with what they had managed to achieve in one day!

Pastel characters as cut-outs

Playing with characters, backgrounds, contrast and media - very effective!

Initial cut-out characters illustrating their stories


Some people make mock up books

Workshops can cover a range of topics –

* How to create a character

* How to plan a story

* How to develop a character for a story.

* Simple illustration techniques

* How to write a book for children

* A mini course in illustrating for children (4 sessions)